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5 Real Estate Strategies to Stand Out in 2024

March 6, 2024

More and more individuals are deciding to become real estate agents. Currently, there are more than 1.37 million members in the National Association of Realtors. This is set to bring more competition within the market and among agents. If you’re looking to stand out from the real estate competition in 2024, here are some strategies to implement.

Develop a Niche or Expertise

It can be challenging to find the right reputation or brand that makes you stand out from other agents. To help get you started, you can research the local real estate market in your area. Here you can analyze what are the most pressing needs and what is currently missing from the market. 

Maybe your target demographic is 20-somethings with entry-level income who need inexpensive places to live. Or you could focus on elderly individuals who have retired and are looking to downsize and sell their family homes. 

Use tools like online surveys, government statistics, and industry reports. When discovering these demographics, you can start to hypothesize their values, attitudes, and behaviors. For instance, if there are a lot of young people looking for property, they often want somewhere city-like and vibrant.   

Update Content for New Marketing Strategies

Your real estate business is only as successful as your online presence. Having a content strategy will help you get on track for long-term success, helping attract new clients and develop new ideas. 

A content strategy is the process of “creating, posting, and managing useful content that you produce on your own and retain ownership of.” When creating a strategy, your first step is to define your goals. What is the purpose of the content you want to put out? Do you want to attract new clients? Do you want more sellers vs. buyers? If you have content already, perform a content audit to evaluate whether you’ll repurpose or remove certain ideas or blogs. Then, start brainstorming ideas by reviewing your target audience and your intent. Are you hoping to improve your brand awareness, want customers to evaluate your services, or have clients purchase your service? 

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In 2024, potential buyers and sellers will be curious about topics like personalized neighborhood and community content, sustainable living, and market updates in real time. Within these ideas, you can incorporate more strategies by making polls and events on social media for users to interact with or adding infographics to your blogs for more concise information. You can even implement client testimonial videos, tours, and home photography.  

Create an SEO Strategy

To strengthen your website authority and bring customers online, you’ll have to implement search engine optimization (SEO). Specifically, real estate SEO are processes that improve the website’s visibility.

To optimize your website for SEO, you need to implement four strategies

  • On-page SEO: using URLs, title tags, and images 
  • Off-page: Building links, marketing through social media
  • Technical SEO: site speed, making it mobile-friendly
  • Local SEO: creating locally-based content, optimizing Google Business Listing

Build Community Connections through Networking 

Networking is the most influential way to find potential clients whether you’re connecting with fellow agents, local businesses, or emerging customers. Reaching out to family and friends is the first step to finding referrals.

Try connecting with real estate groups on social media to meet new people and learn new skills. Some examples include the National Association of Realtors, Lab Coat Agents, Raise the Bar in Real Estate, and the Massachusetts Real Estate Referral Network. You can also connect through realtor-specific and community events like city or town celebrations. Look through your local area’s Facebook group and attend these events to meet new people. 

Another way to network is through the school where you studied to get your license. At Greenwood Real Estate School, you’ll find various classes and events where you can continue your education. Here, you can pick your professor and classmates’ brains. 

Have a Quick Transaction Process 

Buyers and sellers are looking for timeliness and dependability with their real estate transactions. It’s not enough to know how to go through the process. Now it’s all about how long the process can take and how it will greatly benefit both the seller and buyer. 

This means having all the paperwork in order and realizing the transaction could bring some technical issues. Make the transaction process stress-free and hire one of our coordinators to handle the paperwork and administrative tasks. 

From developing a niche market, creating new content, having an SEO strategy, networking, and making a smooth transaction process, you will be ahead of the real estate crowd in 2024 meaning more clients and more financial gain.