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5 Benefits of a Real Estate Transaction Coordinator

February 20, 2024

Do you need a transaction coordinator for your real estate business? 

Transaction coordinators oversee all the administrative tasks of a real estate transaction. 

Whether you’re just starting or you have years of experience as a real estate agent or broker, it’s important to find processes that make your work easier. Here are five benefits of having a real estate transaction coordinator. 

Save Time

A realtor spends about 1,000 hours with each transaction with each new client. One of the most important benefits of having a transaction coordinator is that they free up time. Before a coordinator, you’ll be responsible for managing paperwork, scheduling appointments, and other extra tasks. A transaction coordinator will take over this work, letting you focus on your clients. With this free time, you might even be able to find more opportunities. 


The process of a deal from sale to close requires a lot of paperwork, records, and deadlines. Sometimes it can be overwhelming for an agent to keep the sale moving while handling all the necessary documentation. A transaction coordinator guides you through that process, checking over documents and keeping confidential information safe.

Constant Communication

A realtor spends the majority of their time sending text messages, emails and calls with their clients. In the transaction process, coordinators will take over the communication between clients, lenders, title agents, insurance companies, inspectors, surveyors, and other important people. 

Prevent Liability

Coordinators are cautious that documents and files are compliant. They examine everything, looking out for transaction flaws. These coordinators will help keep records so that nothing is missed. This will also help free up time checking over documents. 

Reduce Costs

It might seem like hiring a coordinator would add costs rather than reduce them. However, with a lot of paperwork, there is room for errors. Hiring a transaction coordinator prevents these mistakes from happening, which will help prevent costs in the long run. 

Also, you won’t need to spend revenue on hiring administrative assistants for your business. You’ll save time and money by hiring a coordinator with experience instead of training a new person.

There are many reasons why you should hire a transaction coordinator including saving time, organization, constant communication, preventing liability, and reducing costs. We want the transaction process to flow as seamlessly as possible for you. Determine whether a real estate transaction coordinator will be beneficial for you.  

If you decide that a transaction coordinator is the right fit for you, create an account and connect with us.